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Tired of the same old fitness routine?

Are you searching for something more than just exercise?

Do you struggle to find quality time for yourself?

Would you like to gain flexibility and focus in your sporting or athletic pursuits?

Are you looking to improve your posture or breathing?

Have you tried yoga classes, but aren’t keen on the group format?


Have you tried practicing at home, but are unsure where to start?

Do you feel you’ve plateaued in your regular yoga class?


Are you looking to go deeper into your practice?

Would you like to share a regular private class with a friend or family member?



Group classes are good if you like group classes. But here’s the shocker.

They only get you so far. If you are interested in developing a home practise, honing your regular practise, or overcoming a limitation or injury block, consider working with me 1:1.

We all have different bodies and minds. You are unique.

You deserve focused attention from a teacher in a private lesson.

Private tuition offers you the time and space to learn at your own pace. Practices are tailored entirely for your own unique needs. This is yoga in its purest sense. Individual attention, passed down directly from teacher to student.

My own home practice has become the cornerstone of my life. It sets a rhythm for my day. I’d love to share these great benefits with you.


If you’re brand new to yoga, private tuition is a great way to begin your journey. You’ll build a solid foundation and understanding of the basics. Learn in your own time, at a pace that is right for you.

If you’re busy and struggle to find that much needed time out, private tuition allows you to fit your practice to your schedule. We’ll work together to maximise the benefits in your limited time. By investing in yourself in this way you get focused time and attention to help achieve your goals.

If you have a particular injury or condition, I can help by adapting, modifying and tailoring practices that actually benefit your body. If you're an athletic type, I can help you gain flexibility, improve your focus and visualise success.


Yoga works wonders for stress and anxiety too. Breathing practices and restorative postures can help bring a sense of calmness and inner peace by re-educating breathing patterns and correcting posture. Additionally, relaxation practices and meditation are great tools for easing these symptoms.

If you feel your regular approach to practice has plateaued, we can work on exploring new areas or setting you new challenges. Learn to develop your own specific interests and broaden your practice with expert guidance.


choose your private package below

If this is your first time working with me privately, begin with the starter package. Your first session has an extra half hour consultation to allow me to understand your intentions and preferences allowing me to tune into how to best serve your needs. If you’d like to bring a friend, the initial consultation will last an additional half hour, allowing me time to equally assess your individual needs. 


This gives you everything you need to get off to the best start. Over the next two sessions we will refine what we have discussed and practised so that you can start to improve in your own time and with awareness. You will leave each session with a 'Yoga Prescription' of practices covered in order to practise in your own time. 

Private tuition makes a perfect gift to a loved one who needs some self-care and quality time to support their needs. Get in touch to discuss gift voucher options.

Classes will be at your home or a mutual location, allowing you to feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Once you’ve completed the starter package, you can purchase ongoing sessions in blocks of four to take your practice even deeper.


  • Tuition costs are £50 per hour for 1:1 and £60 for 1:2 - the equivalent of a good quality massage

  • I teach private classes of up to 4 people. Each additional person adds £40 to the price of the shared session packages (an additional £10 per hour)

  • I travel up to 20 minutes from Junction 37 of the M1. This map gives a rough coverage area

  • Alternatively I offer private tuition at these locations across Yorkshire

  • Remote sessions via video call are possible. However, at least one face to face session is required initially



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Private Yoga 4 pack Copy.jpg

Get in touch if you'd prefer to receive an invoice and pay by BACS


Private Yoga Starter Shared Copy.jpg
Private Yoga Shared 4 pack Copy.jpg

Get in touch if you'd prefer to receive an invoice and pay by BACS


If you'd like to discuss how private sessions can work for you and which package would suit you best, get in touch!

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