Welcome to the Men's Yoga Collective. A safe space for men interested in self development and the transformational power of yoga. Our aims are to build an accessible, sustained yoga practice amongst a group of like-minded men. We meet monthly in Yorkshire. Keep reading to find out more. 

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I love Yoga because it brings balance and harmony to my life. It allows me to connect to my true self.


My style is inclusive, calming and wholesome. Your level of flexibility, age and shape are irrelevant. 


I am passionate about sharing these practices with you and sowing the seeds of transformation that I have experienced and continue to experience myself. 

Are you ready to leave your ego at the door and join me for the beginning of your yoga journey?

Read more about my story here.

We have recently been featured on the front page of the Barnsley Chronicle and interviewed for BBC Radio Sheffield. Follow the links to read and hear more!


Yoga unites mind, body and spirit. We start with the physical posture practice as this is an easy entry point to the mind to create new habits.

Alongside this are breathing exercises and relaxation techniques which deepen the practice. 

Put simply, yoga is a great way to feel great!

If I can share just a fraction of the benefits and joy yoga has brought me, then I will have served you well.

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It's not unusual for me to be the only guy in class. Both as a teacher and an eternal student of yoga, I see this all too often. I know that as a beginner it can be uncomfortable heading into a class for the first time at your local studio or gym. I get it, it's daunting.


Men's Yoga Collective was created as a safe space for like minded men to get together, practise and share the experience of yoga.

Curious about yoga but uncomfortable at the prospect of going to a public class?

Tired of the same old fitness routine?

Are you searching for something more than just exercise?

Do you struggle to find quality time for yourself?

Would you like to gain flexibility and focus in your sporting or athletic pursuits?

Are you looking to improve your posture or breathing?

Have you tried yoga classes, but aren’t comfortable with the studio / class / gym format?


Have you tried practising at home, but are unsure where to start?

Would you like to share a regular experience with like minded men?

Interested in building a supportive network alongside a new hobby?

Are you looking for an accessible, sustained life-long practice?

Are you committed to practising between meetings to develop your experience?



"I was looking to take quality time out to focus on my inner peace and give myself a mental break. I got all this and more. I felt a physical release and really benefited from the breathing and relaxation practices. I thoroughly recommend it to guys wanting to de-stress and take a step back from the rat race!".

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Ainsley Wright, Financial Advisor

We meet monthly in a neutral environment away from the usual confines of a yoga studio or gym. Meetings start with a yoga practise, which you'll be encouraged to take away each month and practise at home. There will be the opportunity to share your experience of the previous month's practice, light refreshments and chance to get to know the other guys there.



Tuesday 21st May, 6pm

@ Venue TBC somewhere in South Yorkshire

Please arrive to be ready for a 6pm start.

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for yoga. 

Please bring a mat and any props if you have them.

The event is held in the Roger Evans Auditorium and finishes at 9pm. 

Note that the ticket price includes parking.

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Tickets are processed via Eventbrite


Ready to join as a member?

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4th June
2nd July
6th August
3rd September

1st October
5th November
3rd December


Visitor tickets will be added to Eventbrite the month before the scheduled date


If you'd like to discuss MYC in more detail, get in touch!

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