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I'm a Yoga teacher from Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

I love helping people discover yoga and begin a practise that will improve your life.


My yoga journey began in 2008 when I was dragged to a class by my girlfriend against my will! I have to admit I didn't really like it at first. But once I 'got' it, my interest quickly grew from curiosity to a thirst for a greater experience.


I found it a big relief from both physical and mental stress. As someone who had always done a lot of sport, cycling and gym based exercise, it helped ease aches, pains and tight muscles.


Working in a stressful corporate job, it calmed my mind after busy days in the office and really helped me to relax. But it also did something more that I couldn't really explain. What I did know is that I always felt great following a class. 


After a few years of experimenting with different teachers, styles and learning more about this thing we call yoga, I knew I wanted to study it in greater detail, and liked the idea of being able to teach myself one day.

A few more years rolled by and significant changes started occurring in my life. I had a health discovery that began to change the way I approached diet and lifestyle. At the same time, my yoga practise was developing and I was doing less of other forms of exercise, yet I felt healthier and fitter than ever.


In 2015 I completed a year's study on the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course which got me completely hooked. It broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to the transformative power of the practise. It was a year of self discovery, both on and off the mat. I started a daily personal yoga practise and discovered Ayurveda, both of which had a huge positive impact on my lifestyle. It had become my spiritual practise, and I haven't looked back since.

I continued my training the following year, again with the British Wheel of Yoga. In 2018 I completed a comprehensive three year, 500 hour Level 4 Yoga Teacher Training Diploma. This is the highest level regulated yoga teaching qualification available in the UK. An intensely rewarding and challenging experience where I not only honed my skills, but made further positive lifestyle changes. 

I have been teaching public classes and workshops, private tuition and corporate classes since 2016.

I have since quit the corporate world and teach yoga to people just like you.

People who are looking to improve their wellbeing and feel more peaceful, connected and great within themselves.


Sounds good, right?!


My own practise has truly changed my life, and I would love to share these teachings with you.

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My goal is to make yoga accessible for everyone. Your level of flexibility, age and shape are irrelevant. I truly believe there is an aspect, style and path of yoga that is perfect for everyone, it's just a case of finding it!

We really need the teachings of yoga now more than ever before. Living stressful lives with far too many demands on our time, we need an excuse to un plug and switch off. The first step is rolling out your mat.

I love Yoga because it brings balance and harmony to my life. It allows me to connect to my true self.  My yoga is inclusive, calming and wholesome. I am passionate about sharing these practices with my students and sowing the seeds of transformation within them. Nurturing this growth is a thoroughly rewarding experience. 


If you'd like to begin your yoga journey with me, click below to find out how you can get started:


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