There's much more to life than the daily grind.


In a long career in IT of almost twenty years, I worked for two of the UK’s largest employers in both the private and public sector.

I understand the desire to drive performance in the workplace. I also deeply value the need for self care. I get both sides of the argument. 


I’ve personally experienced this with varying degrees of success. But I failed at getting the balance right. There was a time where it felt like I couldn’t have one without the other. Performing really well at work and as a result my health taking some kind of hit, or being really well and my performance taking a nosedive.


I learnt the hard way, suffering from both burn out and chronic ill health.


I was doing too much. I really wasn’t getting the balance right.


But it is possible.


These extreme occurrences are difficult to manage from both the employer and employee's perspective. I was fortunate that I was developing a yoga and wellbeing practice that allowed me to take a more mindful approach to my recovery.

Recognising the value of employees’ wellbeing and increasing their perception of wellbeing requires a culture change. In creating the right environment, you will foster a workforce that is better engaged and more productive.


As a yogi from a corporate background with real life experience, I can offer your organisation a unique insight into the benefits of lifestyle changes that will bring greater balance to your workforce.


Are you ready to take a proactive stance for your employees' wellbeing? Read on to find out more.

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Stress, anxiety and absenteeism are estimated to cause the loss of up to 27 days of productive time per employee each year in UK companies, costing the economy £57 billion pounds.
BWY Spectrum Magazine, Summer 2018
BWY Spectrum Magazine, Summer 2018
Stress, anxiety and absenteeism are estimated to cause the loss of up to 27 days of productive time per employee each year in UK companies, costing the economy £57 billion pounds.



Lowered stress leading to better productivity

increased motivation

Reduced absenteeism & presenteeism

Improved job satisfaction & increased retention rates

Enhancing your reputation to attract new talent

I offer corporate yoga classes, talks, workshops and coaching on health and wellbeing, yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and lifestyle. Sessions are available both in person and remotely, via Zoom.

I can facilitate building an effective health and wellbeing strategy by tailoring a bespoke programme to make positive changes in your organisation.



People who practice yoga are much less likely to suffer from chronic conditions and experience better mental health
University of Maryland School of Nursing

Think of Yoga as a practical set of tools to cope with stress, anxiety and tension. Movement makes you feel good in your body, breathing practices help you to relax, and meditation is like defragging the hard drive of your mind! Yoga connects mind, body & spirit like no other practice.

All our longer workshops combine coaching with yoga practices, tools and techniques. These are a fun addition and really help to break down barriers amongst teams. Yoga is a great leveller, and anyone can do it!

We make yoga accessible for everyone. Your level of flexibility, age and shape are irrelevant.

We need the teachings of yoga now more than ever before. Living stressful lives with far too many demands on our time, it is a great way to un plug, switch off and recharge.

A happier brain is 35% more productive

Physical activity programmes at work have been found to reduce

absenteeism by up to 20%

77% of businesses say the health and wellbeing benefits they currently offer have had a positive impact on employees

Study by Shawn Achor with Fortune 500 companies and Harvard students

59% of workers are kept up with work worries

84% of workers suffer from back pain or posture issues

87% blame illness on work conditions

50% of full-time staff have experienced anxiety or burn out in their job

Benenden / Virgin’s YouGov survey, How stressed are UK employees, 2015


Our workshops are informal, interactive and workbook led. 

One hour workshops are punchy and engaging.

Half and full day workshops combine coaching with yoga practices, tools and techniques. These are a fun addition and really help to break down barriers amongst teams.

Themes include lifestyle, performance and mindset coaching as well as themes on stress management.


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Below are details of the workshops we currently provide. You may wish to choose a specific workshop, or mix and match them to your requirements.  

If you'd like us to tailor a bespoke wellbeing programme for your organisation, get in touch.

Have fun exploring the tree of wellbeing!



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