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As a British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher, your entitlement from me as a teacher of Yoga ensures that I will:

  • Treat all individuals equally, respecting their right, dignity and worth

  • Give paramount importance to the safety and wellbeing of students

  • Hold appropriate qualifications and attended trainings to teach Yoga with sound competency

       o Teach within my personal training and experience

       o Recognise where this may not be the case and

       o Appropriately refer students to other professionals where further training or expert advice is sought

  • Nurture mutual trust and respect with students

  • Foster students to progressively accept personal responsibility for their own practice, safety and behaviour

  • Promote appropriate practice and activities on an individual basis

  • Clarify the expectations of students from the outset

  • Consistently promote the positive ethos of yoga

  • Ensure that each individual wishing to practice will be treated fairly and in accordance with the law

  • Teach to the appropriate level of experience and physical capability of all individuals

  • Offer modified practice where appropriate

  • Display high standards of behaviour and appearance

  • Provide an on going risk assessment to:

  • o Teach in an informed manner, respective of each student’s level of experience, physical capacity

and health

       o Make adjustments to accommodate individual needs appropriately

       o Take reasonable measures to ensure a safe environment for practice

  • Report and record incidents and accidents appropriately, in accordance with The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) guidelines

  • Ensure students are aware of the emergency procedures for the venue

  • Hold appropriate insurance

  • Respect the nine protected characteristics of The Equality Act 2010:

    o Age
    o Disability
    o Gender reassignment
    o Marriage and civil partnership
    o Pregnancy and maternity
    o Race
    o Religion or belief (including lack of belief) o Sex
    o Sexual orientation

           o In accordance with these protected characteristics, I will not:

           o Demonstrate any form of discrimination, harassment, victimisation or bullying

           o Including both direct and indirect discrimination of individuals

  • Provide transparent guidance on complaints procedures to safeguard individual rights

       o A copy of the British Wheel of Yoga Complaints Procedure can be found at:     

N.B. The Equity Policy from which these guidelines are derived is reviewed at least every three years 

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