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Welcome to the Men's Yoga Collective. A safe space for men interested in self development and the transformational power of yoga. Our aims are to build an accessible, sustained yoga practice amongst a group of like-minded men.

You can visit the group on two occasions to see if it's the right fit for you. After this time, for continued attendance, there is a requirement to join the collective.

No fees of any kind - no joining fee, no cancellation fee.

£50 / month

Recurring payments of £50 per month
Payments are processed securely by and come with the security of the direct debit guarantee


  • Membership to an exclusive, supportive group with like minded men

  • Attend 12 meetings a year with no other fees to pay

  • Monthly accessible yoga and self development practices

  • Refreshments at each meeting

  • Free event parking (usually £12) - enjoy the grounds & YSP exhibitions before the meeting

  • Yoga practice plans to take away

  • Special guest speakers and teachers


  • Develop a regular personal yoga practice

  • Faithfully observe the MYC code of conduct

Get in touch if you'd prefer to receive an invoice and pay by BACS

We meet monthly in a neutral environment. Meetings start with a yoga practice, which you'll be encouraged to take away each month and practice at home. There will be the opportunity to share your experience of the previous month's practice, personal development work, light refreshments, a chance to network, plus occasional special guests.


If you'd like to discuss our membership options further, get in touch

© 2018 Men's Yoga Collective
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