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Yoga stretches, tones and strengthens the body, and helps to clear the mind, creating a sense of peace and wellbeing. To put it simply, yoga is a great way to feel great! With regular practice, yoga becomes an essential toolkit for life. 

Through extensive personal study and practice, I have brought a sense of balance and harmony to my own life. My teaching is influenced by a classical system of Hatha Yoga and mindful somatic movement. It is a beautiful, nourishing practice - the perfect antidote to busy modern living.

I am passionate about the benefits of these practices, and wish to share them with you.

The founder of the transformative Yoga for Burnt Out Dads programme, featured on numerous podcasts. Follow the links to read and hear more about how I help Dads get back on track

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Yoga can be intimidating if you've never done it before. I get it. When I first started going to group classes I would hide at the back of the class hoping nobody would see how inflexible and 'rubbish' I was! I soon learned that yoga isn't about that. At all. 

Yoga is about the journey. It's how you go, not how far you go. Practicing with awareness and a respect for your own abilities, without competition. 

I aim to make yoga accessible to all. In yoga, there really is something for everyone. It is for every body.

I teach friendly and accessible yoga and meditation classes in across Yorkshire.


My teaching has many influences, but maintains a classical approach and structure. There is always practice of postures (asana), along with breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation practices, meditation and the occasional bit of philosophy thrown in for good measure. 

You will be challenged, stretched (literally!) and with regular practice experience real growth.

I love Yoga because it brings balance and harmony to my life. It allows me to connect to my true self.  My yoga is inclusive, calming and wholesome. I am passionate about sharing these practices with my students and sowing the seeds of transformation within them. Nurturing this growth is a thoroughly rewarding experience. 

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